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Our Expertise

Caswell aims to bring to bear its wealth of expertise in global capital markets to create value for our clients and partners. We do this through our market intelligence; efficiency in allocating capital and risk in innovative ways; and our longstanding strategic relationships.


russia-112445_1280Caswell Capital Partners (Ghana) Limited (“Caswell”), is the regional agent for HETCO, a full-service energy trading company for both physical and financial energy markets. HETCO combines expertise from the physical and financial energy markets to provide a premier client service.

The price volatility in oil and gas markets require effective and robust risk management. HETCO offers bespoke risk management and hedging advisory service to its clients.

Our goal is to establish an active trading platform that works closely with HETCO’s Dubai and London offices to offer bespoke solutions to oil and gas producers, BDC’s, refineries, transportation companies and other entities in Sub Saharan Africa that are interested in managing their exposure to oil and gas price volatility to create a solid platform for enhanced revenues.

Financial Services

Caswell partners with driven entrepreneurs to solve problems and create value for low-risk, high-potential growth ventures.

bb124s2649We seek to create wealth and contribute to social welfare through capital and thought partnerships. As a financial institution, we serve the needs of small, medium and large scale enterprises in structured debt and equity arrangements. To help optimize value for corporate stakeholders in the capital and money markets, we offer bespoke financial vehicles and consultation services in:


arrow_right_alt1Investment Consulting        arrow_right_alt1Asset and Portfolio Management

arrow_right_alt1Equity and Debt Advisory   arrow_right_alt1Market Research and Analyses

Real Estate

real_estateWe provide brokerage services and act as financial advisors to private individuals, corporates, and developers in property sales and/or purchase transactions. Our real estate team liaises with buyers, sellers, and developers of commercial lands and properties with high market value. In due course, we conduct technical feasibility; perform valuation, and lead/co-finance potential principal assets.

arrow_right_alt1Feasibility & Valuation

arrow_right_alt1Financial Advisory

arrow_right_alt1Debt and Equity Financing

Media & Entertainment

Our advisory desk also focuses on value and operational optimization for media and entertainment entities. We leverage on our comprehensive knowledge of the sector, and extensive relationships across the industry value chain to facilitate

entertainmenttransactions in:

arrow_right_alt1Radio Broadcasting

arrow_right_alt1Television Syndication

arrow_right_alt1Satellite and Prepaid cards

arrow_right_alt1Publishing and Content Management

arrow_right_alt1Film and Theatre Production

Through our markets intelligence we deliver strategic insights into local and international portfolios of diverse industries worldwide.