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How we select investments

Our strategy is to attract professional talent that is intelligent, principled, team-oriented, resourceful, and results driven; and to profitably apply our efforts to identify and address large opportunities that involve proven, world class players in established enterprises that have a history of (i) above average investment returns and (ii) positive social and economic impact.

We seek those investments that permit us to:


arrow_right_alt1Maximize the value of our expertise, industry knowledge and strategic relationships


arrow_right_alt1Achieve scale to maximize our investment return


arrow_right_alt1In the least amount of time


arrow_right_alt1With the most efficient capital structure


arrow_right_alt1In partnership with a management team that shares our corporate and social values


arrow_right_alt1With the least amount of “wahala” (a Hausa word for “big trouble” as our investment experience has taught us to value peaceful profits)